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If you want to realize the benefits of the centuries-old practice of bean counting and enhance your financial wellbeing read, Count Your Beans!! A Pathway to Riches. Sure, bean counter is a practical metaphor and yes, you will learn how to count beans!

As is the case with most things in life, balance matters. How do you responsibly balance your time? Job, school, kids, spouse, social activities, paying bills, mowing lawns, grocery shopping, doctor visits, cleaning house, doing house repairs, exercising, watching television, texting, telephone calls, reading, volunteering to help others, walking the dog. That’s a lot of stuff. You may not do all of these, but surely you are obligated to many of these time consumers. So you know the significance and challenges of “balance”.

Clearly, if you don’t organize and plan your hectic schedule then the consequence is that some things won’t get done. Maybe you didn’t get to pay some bills on time- penalty, missed a doctor appointment- penalty, didn’t pay taxes on time- big, bad penalty, didn’t let the dog out- bigger penalty.

Lifestyle is framed around ones choices and resources. Choices reflect our values. Resources must be earned by most people. However, there are those who are “born into wealth” with a silver spoon placed somewhere or other. Such financially fortunate people have different issues to work with.

Those who have a serious interest in reaching for optimization of balance within their value system and supporting their choices with financial sustainability will benefit from a structured approach for wealth building. Wealth is not necessarily hitting a particular dollar amount or a status of “millionaire”. Instead, consider having health, happiness, and sufficient resources to support your chosen lifestyle.

Choose to read, Count Your Beans!! A Pathway to Riches, and help yourself to succeed throughout your exciting journey, on the pathway to wealth building.

Bon Voyage!

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